Various media outlets have sought my expertise on current issues. Here are some recent articles where I’ve been featured.

I love my friend, but…
Canadian Living Magazine

Top 6 habits of happy couples
Canadian Living Magazine

Why couples therapy can work for you
Canadian Living Magazine

Relationship advice: How to make your long distance relationship work
Elle Magazine

Avoiding Relationship Clutter
Canadian Living Magazine

Is your spouse too frugal?
Canadian Living Magazine


Contributing writer for EcoParent Magazine:

How to strengthen our relationships and attachment to our children

Exploring nature’s positive impact on brain development, attachment and life skills

Television and Magazines:

Parenting expert Lesley Lacny talks about nine things that you should never say to your kids
Global Toronto- television interview

How to have a more honest relationship with your kids
Canadian Living Magazine

5 tips for living with your adult child
Canadian Living Magazine

Teaching kids to swim: Does it have to be left to the experts?
The Globe and Mail

The secret like of teenage girls
The Toronto Sun

What do your children’s dreams mean?
Canadian Living Magazine

Trick or Treat: Should You Ban Your Child from Accepting Halloween Candy?
The Huffington Post Canada

Early Onset Puberty: The Facts and How to Help your Child Cope
The Huffington Post Canada

Dealing with Student Anxiety
Vaughan Today

Cutting the apron strings
The Calgary Herald

Children face higher risks of predator luring on the net
CJ Connect


Family holiday tension: Getting through Christmas without fighting
The Huffington Post

Christmas invite list: Who makes the cut when you just want family?
The Huffington Post