Various media outlets have sought my expertise on current issues. Here are some recent articles where I’ve been featured.

Canadian Living Magazine


Canadian Living Magazine – Top 6 habits of happy couples

Canadian Living Magazine – Why couples therapy can work for you

Elle Magazine

Canadian Living Magazine – Is your spouse too frugal?



Contributing writer for EcoParent Magazine:

How to strengthen our relationships and attachment to our children

Exploring nature’s positive impact on brain development, attachment and life skills

Discipline through connection: Managing behaviors while keeping your connection strong

The Fourth Trimester Truths: Post-Partum adjustment and the reality of life after baby


Television and Magazines:

Global Toronto- television interview

Canadian Living Magazine – 5 tips for living with your adult child

The Globe and Mail – Teaching kids to swim: Does it have to be left to the experts?

The Toronto Sun

Canadian Living Magazine

The Huffington Post Canada

Vaughan Today

The Calgary Herald

CJ Connect



The Huffington Post – Family holiday tension: Getting through Christmas without fighting

The Huffington Post – Christmas invite list: Who makes the cut when you just want family?