Couples Counselling

There’s an old saying that says we always hurt the ones we love most. Why do we do that?

It’s usually not because of a lack of love, but from a misunderstanding of what love relationships are about.

At some point in most relationships, couples find themselves struggling which can lead to heartbreak and a disconnection from each other.

I will help you and your partner move towards a more loving, supportive and deeply satisfying relationship. Moving towards a “conscious” relationship, I will help you to better understand each other, manage reactions, and bring the connection back into your relationship.

You will also develop tools to help you:

  • really listen
  • understand and empathize with your partner
  • develop a simple, respectful and effective way to talk with your partner about the things that really matter
  • gain an understanding of what each partner brings into the relationship based on their past experiences
  • move away from blame, shame and criticism
  • manage conflict and anger
  • re-romanticize your relationship and let the passion back in

I offer a thorough online assessment through the Gottman Institute to identify the strengths and challenges in your relationship: